Black Rock Kids, of Burning Man!


Welcome to Kidsville!

We're gearing up for another Fantastic year! Registration information can be found on our facts page. Join our Yahoo group, get involved and get to know fellow members.

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  • Exodus info

  • My kids is Lost what do I do?

  • Green RV'ing

  • Children camped in Kidsville will be issued wristbands upon arrival at the Village. These wristbands will ONLY be issued to KidsVille residents, and are not to be given out as gifts or 'schwag'. The wristbands will have "KIDSVILLE" printed in bold lettering. It will be mandatory for all children to wear these identifiers at all times. Extras will be available to replace lost or unreadable ones.

  • Children with Special Needs

  • Kidsville is section off into four quads. This is done for fire safety and for kid safety. The four quads are Curmudgeons, Orphange, Toddlers & Teensville.

    The links above give you an idea of the different quads in a tongue and cheek way.

  • May 2008 web site name change "Black Rock Kids"
    No matter what we call ourself's we remain the same camp at burning man. We are here for families with kids! The kids span all ages from newborn to hey mom I am off to college next year and I am sorry you have menopause.


Q. Why does burning man have a camp for families and kids?

A. Burning man is a community and like any other community families live and work together and we do bring our kids home to Playa each year.


No Lost Children
(repeat 50,000 times)!

Every Black Rock Kid gets at kidsville wrist band.
These are not the cheap type you can pull off
(some kids have been wearing theirs since last year)

We do not baby sit your kids! You have to experience Burning Man through their eyes.

We reserve the right to kick you out of camp,
if you can not take care of your kids or if they tend to get lost.

Please Repeat Now

No Lost Children
(repeat another 50,000 times)!

"no public sex acts and no open drug use"

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