a residential institution for the care
and education of orphans.

The Orphange is the place for lost souls to come and rest and get a drink. They live next door to Mr. & Mrs. Wilson over in Curmudgeons so be careful when you live at the orphanage. Nice thing though is you do get the second best street frontage and the longest walk to the porta-potties.


No Lost Children
(repeat 50,000 times)!

Every Black Rock Kid gets at kidsville wrist band.
These are not the cheap type you can pull off
(some kids have been wearing theirs since last year)

We do not baby sit your kids! You have to experience Burning Man through their eyes.

We reserve the right to kick you out of camp,
if you can not take care of your kids or if they tend to get lost.

Please Repeat Now

No Lost Children
(repeat another 50,000 times)!

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