1. Hydration is key to happiness - for adults we all know the rule of the desert: for every caffeine or alcohol drink, take equal measure of pure water. But what of the babies? Pedialyte is a rescue maneuver, try to not go there! But for planning, here's what I'd do (as Dr. Mom) I'd bring the baby's fluid need equivalent in Pedialyte - i.e. if they are drinking about four 8 oz bottles of
    formula a day, then bring about 32 oz. per day of Pedialyte in addition. Also, If you are mixing formula, make it more dilute than usual. Or, If you are breast feeding, make YOURSELF more dilute than usual! :> Truly, studies have shown that the breast milk is modified on a meal to meal basis, sometimes richer, sometimes more dilute. Drink 8 oz of pure water before and after
    EVERY time you nurse. You already know this: just double whatever you are doing when you go to the desert. For toddlers and eaters: Think fluid in all you provide: crackers and chips rob fluid, use applesauce and grapes and moist granola bars, not dry ones. Think Jell-O (there is a brand of gelatin single serves that does not require refrigeration) Boxes of juice and Bags of Capri Sun. A relentless wealth of all those tempting boxed juices you have restricted heretofore are a good idea

  2. Diarrhea is Bad. When do humans get in double trouble with dehydration? with diarrhea! This is a corollary to the Porta Pottie discussion... make your own connections. DO NOT EAT TAINTED FOOD. Do not eat questionable food. Do not even think you can keep milk or meats cold enough past about day two on ice. Ask your MD for a prescription for Donnatol. Or tell them you are going to Mexico and want to carry something for traveler's diarrhea. Avoid foods that have set you off in the past. "You gave your baby chili???" If and when you do get diarrhea, CEASE AND DESIST ALL SOLID FOODS and drink broth, beer, and anything with Tabasco (advice not authorized by Dr. Mom but I believe it to be true!) until you have a normal bowel movement. And drink your real 2 gallons of water per day- that is, no foot washing with the allotment!

  3. Exposure is stupid - cover your skin. cover your head. Babies need bonnets with brims. Little light colored long sleeved outfits. We are not frogs, but we do evaporate from our skin. Billowing white garments are the best. DO
    NOT PUT THE BABY ON YOUR BACK PACK and go for a hike. Would you put them on the hood of your car to go for a drive? Shade rules.

  4. Watch for lethargy - and if anyone at any time gets in trouble with their baby, they can find me in kids camp near the PLAY SPACE or the Coloring Camp/ Craft Cabana and will personally take that baby into the Behemoth and
    tell the guy who says "Go", to start the generator and we will cool that baby down and dowse it with misters and do wreserve capacity for dehydration.

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