Exodus is an exercise in patience and cooperation.

Burning Man takes place along a small two-lane country highway, This
Highway has a finite capacity. With Over 40,000 people trying to
leave Black Rock City in a little less than 3 days it's Like draining
a bathtub with a
straw. To state it simply, the highway that leads away from BRC is at
capacity for most of the time Exodus is running. Short of building a
bigger highway between BRC and Reno, there is not much we can do to
get more cars off the playa any faster.

You should plan on a 3 - 4 hour wait, on average, in line from BRC to
Highway 34, with an average of another 3 hours from the start of the
highway to Reno. The time to get out of BRC could go as high as 5 or
more hours if there are traffic problems, accidents or other
unforeseen problems. If you are making flight reservations take this
into account, you should not plan on leaving the city and catching a
flight the same day! Give yourself some safety margin.
Above all Cooperate with the Exodus staff directing traffic. and enjoy
your last hours in Black Rock City.

Keep the Following in mind for a happy exodus:

The best times to leave are Saturday before the man Burns, any
night from 2 am to dawn, and Monday night after dark. Mind you we said
slower not slow, you should plan on the same wait times mentioned
above, and DO NOT, plan on leaving at 2 am and catching an 8 am flight.

Listen to BMIR radio and listen for the latest info. leave at the
times they suggest. If they tell you it is bad just chill in camp next
to your cars and enjoy a few more hours of Black Rock City.

While in line to leave the city follow the signals from the Exodus
personal. When lining up use all the lanes we have laid out for you.
There are 8 lanes that lead from the city and the process runs much
smoother if all the lanes are used, don't just fill up two of the lanes.

OBEY SPEED LAWS. And please don't pass other vehicles on the highway.
Even if you feel you are safe doing it. There are many tired drivers
out there and the mistake that kills you may not be your own. We want
you all coming back in 2009

Want to help with Exodus? We need your help! This year exodus will
need more people than ever. We run shifts from Saturday night all the
way until Monday. We have people trained as Nevada State flaggers
working on the highway and lots of other exodus personal handling
traffic in the city, merge points and doing everything they can to
keep things running smoothly. Exodus is a great way to give back to
your city. You are the last people everyone sees as they leave the
city and you help make their exit better. Unlike most volunteer jobs
ours are all at the end of the week. You can enjoy your whole burn
week and solve that age old dilemma,"I want to volunteer but I don't
want to miss anything during the week" And Heck if you are working
exodus you are not waiting in exodus.

Exodus needs you! to volunteer Fill out a volunteer questionnaire at: http://www2.burningman.com/people/
and check exodus as a department you are interested in.

Any questions email exodus@burningman.com


Tiki Bob (Volunteer & flagging coordinator)
and your whole exodus team

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