Go Green with Your RV

I recently joked about painting my RV "green", but I'm thinking that was too cynicle. Instead, I'd like to share some RV rules I've learned over the years going to Burning Man.

Drive the speed limit from I80 to the playa. Outside the towns (where you drive EXACTLY 25 mph) the speed limit is up to 70 mph- this is too high for RVs. Cruise at 60, let people pass you. Don't rush- enjoy Pyramid Lake views and stop at the Empire store for ice cream if you come in during the day.

After 9 times to the playa, my RV is permanently "playafied". Playa dust is among the smallest particles on the planet- once it gets inside your rig it will be there forever. If you are renting your rv I suggest following the saran wrap approach, e.g., saran-wrap every sitting & floor surface then cover with sheets, cool blankets, etc- then peel off immediately prior to return to dealer.

Don't paint or duck-tape the outside of your rig- leads to expensive repairs/repaint jobs. You can hang banners from roof over the side, but tie them down well against storm winds.

Restrict toilet use. Save it for nighttime & special times. Everyone use the portapotties during the day-it will make the loo last longer and nicer. And you meet the coolest folks at the portapotties-

Avoid opening your refrigerator. Put drinks in a cooler so you don't have to open the fridge. Pre-playa prepared meals frozen in ziplock bags stored in the fridge will last until the end as long as the door isn't opened too often.

Be aware of your generator exhaust location- we have to coexist with tenters that don't appreciate being blasted with fumes and gen noise. I usually put a little sign, "Gen here, please avoid". and talk with newcomers as the camp fills in.

Unless you have little ones, you will probably not need to run your gen for AC- unless it gets really hot or someone is suffering from heat, overdose or other medical issue- then the ac can be a lifesaver. The mornings tend to be cool and mellow- open your rv windows. As long as you have adjacent shade, I often keep my windows open all day. But in the afternoons watch out for whiteouts and/or storms- either require full shutdown. If there is a white-out or storm ask your tenting neighbors inside for shelter and conversation.

If you have little ones, I admit the AC rocks for midday naps (and associated cooling downtime for parents)- suggest try to find some adjacent parents with little ones so the petro-energy is well used. Most RV ACs only reduce the temperature by 20 degrees- but if that is from 104 to 84 it makes a big difference.

If I didn't use gen for AC, I run my gen for battery recharging late morning or late afternoon- most people are out and about, so less nuisense factor. Monitor your batteries, only run the gen as long as required to recharge. Battery recharge is where solar rocks- a single solar panel can keep your batteries in great shape. Unfortunately, AC requires so much power (approx 35 amps per unit), you have to run the gen for AC.

Do NOT pour grey water on the playa- everyone is guilty of this (rvers & tenters alike), but we need to work on this. The problem is the food matter stains the playa surface, creates sinks (dangerous during land speed runs), also health issues, etc. Use an evaporation pond (plastic over a frame). Another reason to limit toilet/sink use- my grey water tank is more likely to max out than the black tank.

There is a RV dump service, signup at playa central- used to be $100 (no fresh water), don't know current rates. They have to be able to get within approx 30 ft of your RV to work.

Hope this is useful-

SF Mark

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